Hot Yoga doesn’t affect the virus

The global health crisis still continues to plague the planet as scientists continue to research with hopes of defeating it. Since its discovery last year, the virulence has caused its spread to different continents claiming lives, and disrupting the economy. The virus was discovered to be a novel SARS-COV2 virus unlike any that has been seen before now. No treatment plan is confirmed to completely handle the situation; this has called the need for vaccines, to achieve a one-time immunity within individuals. But producing vaccines often takes years because of the series of testing that must be done to ensure that it’s safe for use in humans. After determining safety, the efficacy is now tested further, to see confirm its killing power.

Expected vaccines for this procedure are

Expected vaccines for this procedure are not available yet, it means, until then, adoption of preventive methods is the best strategy. Different cures are proposed from numerous parts of the globe, yet, none has proved to be effective enough. This is why the health organizations continue to promote best practices as the most suitable way of staying safe. Hot Yoga is a not enough to harm or kill the SARS-COV2 virus, the fact remains that, viruses are difficult to kill, they possess a high degree of persistence. Unlike bacteria, most aren’t vulnerable to salty medium, heat, or a change in pH concentration. Instead, what they’d do is go dormant for a while, until the incoming harm is over, then they reactivate themselves, and continue multiplying.

Hot Yoga doesn't affect the virus

Hot Yoga may be useful for similar organisms that affect the breathing system, like flu, which after undergoing a period of heat can fade out. COV2 virus also affects the respiratory system, but it will not fade out because of heating the body up. There are dangers of attending hot Yoga classes at this time because, there is the danger of contracting this infection during long hours of sweating. Since the major route of spread is via contact to droplets, if an infected person is present in the class, they will most likely spread an infection. There is also a misconception that Yoga can improve the immune system, and help serve as defense against viruses. Unfortunately, it’s not the best, Yoga practices are good for the body and mind, to keep you focused.

Yoga helps reduces chemicals that induce stress, allowing you to achieve a higher level of physical, alongside mental peace. It’s a wonderful practice, but not enough to prevent a viral infection such as corona. Specific ways of avoiding corona infection are to wash your hands frequently, especially after coming in contact with others or any surface. Use hand sanitizers to disinfect your hands, the virus are known to be susceptible to alcohol-based sanitizers which can invariably destroy it. Cover your nose, and mouth by wearing a suitable face mask, to prevent droplets from reaching your system. Reduce large gatherings, including hot Yoga classes, as they are the best places for transmission of this virus, this is in addition to maintaining a safe distance from others, to reduce your chances of contracting an infection.